A Bit o’ the Irish

One of my favorite author discoveries in recent years is J. Courtney Sullivan. Her literary novels go back and forth through the decades of this century and the last, and the stories go deep into the hearts of loving but troubled families—often Irish-Catholic families. Whether it’s the family matriarch who’s riddled with guilt or a daughter who’s recovering from divorce, I love how Sullivan takes me into the head of each family member, showing me her fears, regrets, and dreams. And, we learn as much about a character through others’ opinions of him or her as we do when we’re in a character’s own point of view.

On the surface, SAINTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS is the story of two Irish immigrant sisters, a baby, a secret, sacrifice, and betrayal. But it’s also a peek into how the mid-twentieth century confined women, often leaving them with few choices over their own lives.

The author weaves through her past-and-present narratives issues ranging from feminism and gay rights to alcoholism and racial prejudice. Perhaps my favorite Sullivan book is MAINE, a story of three generations of women, set in a summer cottage on the beach. Characters are filled with flaws, insecurities, quirks, and passions.

You don’t have to be part Irish like me to enjoy Sullivan’s work!

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