A Matter of Happiness is in the World!

I’m so excited that my second novel is officially released! One of the earliest inspirations for writing this book was the idea of having an old vintage car stored away someplace–and to have an object hidden in it that gets discovered almost a hundred years later.  My research led me to the “motorcar” that you see on my book cover: a 1923 Jordan MX Playboy. Jordan cars were so popular with flappers of the Jazz Age that F. Scott Fitzgerald named a character after the Jordan . . .  Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby. 

A Matter of Happiness is a dual timeline novel about Violet Bond and her great-great-great niece Melanie Barnett, two fiercely independent women born nearly a century apart. The story follows their dreams, struggles, and choices they make when finding what’s most important to them. I hope you love it!

I’m heading out soon for a book tour; check my website’s News & Events page for locations. https://toriwhitaker.com/news/  If you’re anywhere close, please come say Hi!



  1. Barbara Kepler on November 14, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    What a ride! I just finished A Matter of Happiness. Your books are so deep, emotional, and thought provoking. A sign of a great book is when you continue to think on it after you’ve finished it and just want to re-read it rather than begin another book. Your books are like that and it’s rare. I had never ever written to an author before…until I read your first book. Millicent Glenn’s Last Wish was fascinating and heartbreaking. I haven’t sobbed that hard since my Momma passed away. I commented on Facebook at that time but wanted to write you today to congratulate you on another amazing and successful book! Please keep writing!

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